Are the San Francisco Giants getting serious about acquiring Ben Zobrist from Tampa Bay?
Well that’s what a very reliable source says and I am excited about the prospect. (see Chris Haft’s blog below)
 I am tired of the musical chairs we have had at 2nd base.  Let’s be honest, it’s not working!
Sure I was hoping Scutaro would be healthy but that was only after my hopes were dashed when Hicks, Panik and other “fill ins” failed to deliver.
Second base is the one position where we need help and I am looking forward to having a permanent starting player this season.  The statement about Zobrist possibly helping fill in for Pagan is also promising.
Status: Active
  • Bats/Throws: S/R
  • HT: 63
  • WT: 210 lbs
  • Debut: 8/1/2006
  • College: Dallas Baptist
07/13/2014 TOR 3 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 .266
07/18/2014 @MIN 3 2 1 1 2 2 0 0 .267
07/19/2014 @MIN 4 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 .267
07/20/2014 @MIN 3 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 .264
07/22/2014 @STL 5 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 .260
07/23/2014 @STL 4 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 .257
07/25/2014 BOS 4 1 4 0 1 0 0 0 .266
07/26/2014 BOS 3 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 .267
07/27/2014 BOS 2 0 1 0 0 2 0 1 .268
07/28/2014 MIL 3 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 .269
TOTALS 34 7 9 2 5 9 3 3 .265


Giants’ interest in Zobrist could intensify

SAN FRANCISCO — With Thursday’s Trade Deadline approaching, the Giants’ interest in acquiring Ben Zobrist from the Tampa Bay Rays could be deepening. The Giants’ no-risk investment in second baseman Dan Uggla has appeared to be a no-reward venture so far. Uggla has gone hitless in eight at-bats spanning three games and committed two errors, including one that generated an unearned run, in Sunday’s 4-3 loss to the Dodgers. With Marco Scutaro unable to play everyday due to his lingering back issues and Joe Panik experiencing a rookie’s growing pains, the Giants again may have to look elsewhere for help at second base. Landing Zobrist would end that search. Jon Paul Morosi of FOX reported that the Giants had two scouts watching Zobrist this past weekend. Zobrist also could help in the outfield if Angel Pagan’s recovery from a back ailment continues to stall. – Chris Haft

Baby Baby Giraffe – Brandon Belt

Baby Baby Giraffe – Brandon Belt.

Gamer Babe Extraordinaire

Gamer Babe Extraordinaire

I “pressed” this post from Brandon Belt from late last month because I enjoyed reading it a second time and thought perhaps others might also.

We all miss our awkward and adorable “Adult Giraffe” as he recovers from a broken thumb so it’s nice that he was able to touch base with us.  Brandon is easy to love and he’s just a very real person which comes through in his post.

Congratulations to the Belt’s and the wonderful little boy who will soon bless their lives.  As a San Francisco Giants fan I too am feeling especially blessed this season.


“Thank you Brandon and all the 25 unique and amazing individuals that make

 SF Giants Baseball better than Regular Baseball!”


Pinch-blogging: Tyler Colvin


Lets love Tyler!

Originally posted on Brandon and Brandon:

My turn to fill in for Belt — a good day to do it because there’s no game. I’m hanging out here in Denver after a great weekend with my wife, Molly, in San Francisco. She flew in Friday from Arizona, where we’ve lived for the past four years. She couldn’t come earlier in the week — I was called up from Fresno May 11— because she was putting an offer in on a house in Charleston, S.C. We’re expecting our first baby in late October, so we are selling our Mesa house and moving back east to be closer to our families. My family is in North Augusta, S.C., across the border from Augusta, GA. And hers in in West Virginia, about an hour from Pittsburgh, PA.

We already know we’re having a boy. They can do DNA tests in the 10th week and find out. Pretty cool. We’re…

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Going, Going, Gone: An Essay-By Michael Vlastnik


Going, Going, Gone: An Essay.


This is an assignment that happens to be on a topic of great passion for me. I felt like sharing it. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Going, Going, Gone: Barry Bonds, Steroids, and the Love of the Game

“The rest of us should spend all of our time in the dugout bowing to him.”

- Former SF Giant Benito Santiago, regarding Barry Bonds

It’s a strange thing, as you grow up, watching your heroes become villains, but that is exactly what happened. The baseball players I pretended to be in the yard while playing catch as a little leaguers became people I was discouraged from supporting as I moved into the later years of high school. Players I admired for bringing life back to baseball and deemed sure-fire hall of famers, became disgraced and shamed in their own clubhouses. Raised in a household that seemed to work around the SF Giants and 49ers schedules, now I won’t even bring up the name Barry Bonds around my Dad, for a desire to not subject myself to his hateful spewing against my hero.

“He’s a cheater. A lier.” They proclaim, my Father and his like minded objectors. “He ruined baseball! He should never be allowed near a baseball diamond again.” I can hear it, every time it’s the same thing. “The guys an asshole. He’s a fraud. Nothing he did is worth anything. Barry Bonds doesn’t deserve to be in the hall of fame. He pumped himself up with steroids and that’s why he hit so many home runs. His records should be taken away. An asterisk by each of them at the very least. He lied to everyone. He’s a felon. A criminal. He should be put in jail probably! Barry Bonds intentionally defiled baseball, he deceived his fans. Plain and simple, he cheated to be famous.”

Thats the story of Barry Bonds according to so many people. He used steroids, he cheated, lied, and nothing he did in baseball should count. Many people who tell this story were at one time Barry Bonds fans, and are lifetime baseball fans. That they are so willing to judge, so willing to hate a player who did so much for the game is sad. That people pass such strong personal judgements on someone they’ve never met, never seen outside of the light of a Sports Center segment, well it’s part of the vicious circle of being a celebrity. Of hero-worship. How quick we are to love, and how quicker still we are to hate. Their Barry Bonds wasn’t a hero, he was a villain. A man who played in shadows, who used dirty tactics to deface the game they say he only pretended to love.

But that’s not my Barry Bonds, that’s not the guy I watched trot out to left field wearing #25 with a smile on his face, belting home runs, stealing bases, and setting records. When the so-called “steroid era” hit Major League Baseball, middle of the road players suddenly exploded overnight. Good became great and the show got bigger. Bonds, however, was great before performance enhancing drugs took center stage. And when good became great, great came under fire. When you dig deep enough into anything, when you look close enough, you will find a problem. Its at that point, where we ruin the people we made into heroes.

Today the sports media and baseball fans tell their horrible story of the bad guys posing as heroes. But there is another, possibly more accurate, story to be told. Barry Bonds was an all-star. He was an MVP. He was already a hero long before the history making records that so many question. But baseball wasn’t doing as well. The strike during the 1994 season had driven a lot of fans away, and had dulled the passion of a lot of players. The loyal fans, the diehard players, the owners and press looked for ways to bring the life back into baseball. And then in 1998 Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire set baseball on fire with their epic home run race. Suddenly the nation was swept up in the excitement of baseball, the thrill of a long home run. The eyes of the fans were immediately focused on any player that could hit the long ball. Not only was the focus on baseball renewed, but the pressure was on for the players. Bonds watched all of this from the left field of San Francisco, feeling the pressure, and realizing that whether legitimate or not the accolades of other players were diminishing his impact on the game. While already one of the best hitters in the league he knew he could be better. Like so many professional athletes his passion for the game and his drive to win left room for nothing but perfection. So he turned to his trainer, Greg Anderson, for help. Bonds wanted to reach the next level, he wanted to put on a better show for his fans, to be more productive for his team, to win. Athletes trust their trainers, they listen to them and follow their advice. When Anderson told Bonds that he was going to give him a supplement, flaxseed oil, Barry Bonds trusted Greg Anderson. To Bonds, his fans, the press and management the increase in his offense was immediately noticed. Over the next couple of seasons Barry Bonds was on top of the baseball universe. The San Francisco Giants christened a new ballpark built to cater to their superstar’s offensive prowess. Barry Bonds became the greatest show on earth, launching mammoth home runs into the San Francisco bay at an astonishing rate. He believed he had reached his pinnacle, he had worked hard for it, he had lived for and loved the game of baseball and everything it had given him.

We all wanted the show, we all wanted to be wowed by the dynamic action of powerful offense, and the players gave it to us just liked we asked. And one by one, we turned on them. Barry Bonds was one of dozens whose abilities and legitimacy were questioned. But Bonds was pursued ruthlessly because of the special things he had done. By the end of his career he had set records for most home runs in a single season, most home runs in a career, various records for slugging percentage, walks, intentional walks, consecutive MVP awards (he won 7 total), batting titles, and all-star selections. The ball from his record-setting 756th career home run sits in the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown, but Barry Bonds is denied entrance. He is denied entrance by the people that cast allegations at him, that accuse him of tainting the game of baseball. These are the same people who cheered for him, who watched every at bat with anticipation and celebrated when he broke Hank Aaron’s home run record. Built up to heroic stature by them, Barry Bonds was broken down and beaten by the people that inspired, almost demanded, him to become who he had.

When people accuse Barry Bonds of using steroids and defacing baseball to a criminal level, they don’t consider the deeper side of the story. We are so quick to blame those with their faces plastered all over the place, no consideration is given regarding the people who helped them to get there. We vilify Barry Bonds and his peers for using performance enhancing drugs regardless of how inconsistent that details are, even in cases where players had admitted to using PEDs, details are incomplete and inconsistent. We blame the players, when we should be looking at who else is responsible, we should be crying foul at the owners, the commissioner’s officer we should be pointing the finger at ourselves, the fans. And the trainers. Greg Anderson. The man behind the man. What could he possibly stand to gain from Barry Bonds taking steroids? Well money, lots and lots of money. To become the personal trainer of all star athletes you have to know what you’re doing, but more than that you have to have some impressive references. How much would a player struggling with their offense pay to have the aid of the man who trained Barry Bonds to record breaking levels? Is it enough money to make Anderson lie to Bonds and give him PEDs without his knowledge to make himself, Anderson, look like the most amazing trainer available? It seems like the answer was yes, and even then that is a fraction of the money on the table for MLB’s 32 owners.

When we have spent so much time dissecting the use of PEDs in baseball, digging into stories to uncover which player used what to do which amazing thing, no one ever goes all the way to the top. Barry Bonds and his peers are not a group of idiots. These are world class athletes who are in tune with their bodies at a level most people can’t comprehend. When Anderson told Bonds he was giving him flaxseed oil time and time and time again, it seems inevitable that Bonds eventually wouldn’t have picked up that maybe something else was going on. No matter how innocent the initial use was (and I still choose to believe that it was innocent), what happened if and when he realized that maybe it wasn’t just flaxseed oil? Bonds couldn’t take the risk, he couldn’t just give up the home runs. He couldn’t just turn off the amazing offense. He was a man trapped. If he stopped using the potential PEDs and the home runs stopped with them, people would assume he’d been using, or worse, lost his edge and was no longer viable. The contract offers would end, the jerseys would stop selling, no more endorsements. No more hall of fame. But if he kept taking the shots and they were in fact illegal steroids, and he got caught, the results could be even worse. He was stuck in an impossible situation. His team needed to win games. He needed to prove to his fans he was worth watching. The owners needed to see that he was worth the contracts. The sports press needed highlights, Major League Baseball needed excitement and record breakers. The pressure was immense, and it came from all sides. In a world of bad options, how can you judge what was the right choice?

When the stories came out, everyone was being convicted of breaking baseball. It’s not called the steroid era because of one man. The list of potential hall of famers to have their names tarnished by PED speculation is not a short one. So why is it, so many years after the fact, that Barry Bonds is still the man, the bad guy, the villain of the MLB? Why do the press bar him from the Hall of Fame and the fans demand asterisks next to his records?Why don’t we stamp an asterisk next to Mark McGwire’s 70 home run reason? Or trivialize Roger Clemmon’s 20 strikeout games and 7 Cy Young awards. Is it because second place doesn’t matter regardless of how you got there? Maybe because we don’t think PEDs have that big of an impact on pitchers? Maybe our societal subconscious just finds it easier to blame the black guy. The black man who stood up for himself, who got angry when his family was made to suffer as a result of vague accusations. Barry Bonds, who pointedly told his attackers, the grand jury, that when their own dirty secrets were laid bare, then they would have the right to come after him and dig into his past. Despite his love for the game, his jovial personality when on the field, the endless praise from his teammates, we still see the shadowy hostile version of Bonds as the default image from the sports media. It took 7 years for Barry Bonds to be welcomed to Giants’ spring training. Is that ESPN’s fault, or ours?

I loved watching Barry Bonds hit home runs. I can remember how excited I was to watch Sosa launch home runs over the ivy of Wrigley Field. I idolized Ken Griffey Jr and his dynamic long balls. The home run derby (which Bonds only won once, while Griffey won it three times) was a national holiday as far as my younger self was concerned. I grew up watching baseball, falling in love with it during the steroid era. I was never inspired to cheat, never motivated to user PEDs by the record setting athletes. I was motivated to go out and play. I spent hours playing ball in the front yard with my younger brother. When I was young I defended Bonds and his comrades because I never wanted to admit that my heroes could do any wrong. Now I defend them because either intentionally, or naively, they took the steps to make baseball great again. You don’t need steroids to be an amazing athlete, to be an elite baseball player. But at the dawn of this tainted era, Major League Baseball needed a PED to get it’s own glory back.
Barry Bonds was a man who loved baseball, who achieved his dream of playing professionally. We made him into a hero, an icon, something for us all to aspire to be. But when he got too high, we tore him right back down. We want our heroes to inspire us, but as much as we like to create them, we love to have the power to destroy them. No matter what was put into a syringe, who injected it or what it did, if any fan of baseball who has cheered at a walk off home run, a tie breaking grand slam, or watched with wonder at the fireworks of a home run derby wants to cast blame at someone, they need to look at where the it all begins. If the effect is an exciting display of super human offense, the cause is the people who want to see it.

Giants Still Atop The Beanstalk

Last night “THE BEAST” went deep at AT&T Park to secure the defeat of the Cleveland Indians  in the first game of interleague play.

HUDSON Once again proves his stuff and The San Francisco Giants beat the Cleveland Indians 5-1

San Francisco Giants Michael Morse homered in the fourth inning adding to the three runs already on the board put there by the combined performance of Angel Pagan and Hunter Pence.

PAGAN had an MRI Thursday and verdict was a small tear in his right patella tendon, thankfully it didn’t keep him off the field yesterday.


Cleveland 1, San Francisco 5 at AT&T Park Cleveland Record: (11-12) San Francisco Record: (13-10)

Winning pitcher – Tim Hudson (3-1) Losing pitcher – Carlos Carrasco (0-3)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
CLE 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 5 0
SF 2 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 X 5 7 1




Pictures provided by my son & his friend who will be enjoying todays 1pm game and sending me into a jealous fit. LOL :) Have fun kids. And don’t get my gloves dirty!

Bows seatd Fing romo pril 25 Oh yes gogiants Shellbow 42514




Another Day at the Office – Brandon Crawford


bcrw streches 4314



Note to an Original Brandon:

When you are replaying the video of your HR you will not be alone I know I will be watching it over & over along with thousands of other Brandon fans!

It was so perfect that you are the one that got that walk off today! It was meant to be.

The bat flip was very cool and well deserved.I know how exhilarating that game was for me so I can imagine you are going to tingle for a while.

I think what is making me smile right now is the fact that you had an epic day like that and you went home to write this blog. That makes a fan feel special. Like you couldn’t wait to share it with us.

I knew this was going to be a magical season but it is even greater than my expectations and they were high.

Couldn’t feel more love for a team and the individuals that make up the current roster are my favorite in 56 years!
I’m proud to be a BRANDON!


crawford walkoff 41314

Originally posted on Brandon and Brandon:

I’m still a little damp from Angel dumping the Gatorade cooler on me. I think he got more water on Amy G. than on me.

I’ve watched the replay twice already, I’m not going to lie. I’ll go home and probably watch it again. I might keep it on a loop. Maybe make a GIF for my phone. These don’t happen to me every day. In fact, I have never hit a walk-off home run in my life. Little League, college, minors, anywhere.

I knew it was out as soon as the barrel of the bat hit the ball. You can just tell how it feels and sounds.

Did you like that bat flip? I learned it from Bum the other day on his grand slam. Seriously, though, everybody’s got a bat flip. We call it pimping the home run. (Is that politically incorrect to say?) You give it a…

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Enough with the Pinch Blogging – Brandon Crawford


Giants defeat the Rockeys in a game that brings up that old slogan “A new hero every night”  Epic.

crawford mad at pitching machineGreat game tonight! When your pitcher starts off hitting a Grand Slam it’s kind of hard to stay humble.  I often stop and think about the fans of other clubs who are limited to “regular old baseball”.  That is until the San Franciso Giants come to town.

Just in case Crawford wasn’t joking in latest Brandon On Brandon Blog-if by some chance the Best Brandon’s are feeling unloved, we better fix it.




belt flan crawford morse 22214




Originally posted on Brandon and Brandon:

So Hicks and Hunter fill in for a couple days and suddenly traffic to the blog explodes. What’s that about? Hicks received 38 or so replies to his post, more than twice as many as my last one got! Hunter’s post yesterday got more than 60 replies in the last 24 hours.

            And his post started a Twitter trend — #TogetherWeAreBrandon.

Twitter   hunterpence  Lol the Brandon movement is ...

            I mean, I love the team unity and all that. But it kind of makes Belt and me feel like old shoes. Everybody’s getting their heads turned by the new guys. We weren’t enough?

            Believe, I’m going to count every reply. Not that we’re competitive or anything. The hitting groups Hunter wrote about in his blog are not batting-practice groups. They’re part of Bam-Bam’s new hitting game. Every player gets points for moving a runner over, RBI’s, extra-base hits, etc. The groups compete against each other…

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This just in- “Bumgarner’’ is Arabic for Brandon.


I’m a Brandon, You’re a Brandon, Everybody’s a Brandon!

We like it like that. If Brandon doesn’t hit the ball then Brandon will! Brandon will back him up with the help of Brandon.

Not just another pinch-blogger! This guest blogger  is also top in his field (the baseball field) a renowned motivational speaker with an entire team of followers (a baseball team) he is a part-time Pirate (hook included) and now a comical MLB blogger (made me LOL) and this newest eye-opening discovery-He is also a BRANDON!

hunter sptr feb 14I alway enjoy the best baseball blog ever “Brandon on Brandon” but this will forever be my favorite!

I knew Hunter had a great sense of humor but he is also very serious about his job and the fact that he is giving 110% all the time is obvious from the first day of Spring Training.  In Scottsdale Pence is always making eye contact and smiling for the fans but he is always in motion with the love for the game shooting from those rockets he keeps in his shoes.

I love this guy and now I laugh at this guy. Hey, turns out BamBam is very very funny.

With an entire team of Brandon’s we will confuse the heck out of the other teams!


Posey and Pence Chase 9 1 2013


Originally posted on Brandon and Brandon:

Hello, everyone. This is Hunter Pence filling in for Brandon Hicks, or Brandon Crawford, or Brandon Belt, whoever’s turn it is supposed to be.

I’m filling in because — you probably didn’t know this — Hunter is a nickname for Brandon.

My middle name is Andrew, which is Swedish for Brandon. And Pence is English for Brandon. So my actual name is Brandon Brandon Brandon.

You also probably didn’t know that “Tim Lincecum’’ is Dutch for Brandon.

Buster is a nickname for Brandon. Pablo is Spanish for Brandon. Pagan is Puerto Rican for Brandon. Madison is Southern for Brandon. “Bumgarner’’ is — I have no idea what that is. I think it’s Arabic for Brandon.

Pretty much everyone is Brandon. We’re Team Brandon.

Kruk and Kuip have got to get with the program. Brandon’s throwing the pitch to Brandon. When anybody steps into the box, Brandon’s up to bat. The…

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Well guess you know how I’m feeling jubilant! If that is indeed a word.  Clam happy, ecstatic, giddy all that happy stuff that goes along with watching your beloved ball team fulfill your prophecy!

There is no stopping the San Francisco Giants this is my prediction! At Chase Field Thursday even the Killer Bee’s tried and failed.

chase 432014Delay of game on Thursday due to a swarm of bees in right center field made for some unexpected but delightful humor as a music medley beginning with “Let It BEE” and “Don’t Worry BEE Happy” and the jokes began to fly!

Wednesday was a beautiful debut for Tim Hudson with a little work from Javier Lopez and a perfect save for Sergio Romo for a win of 2-0 against the D-Backs.

We had a little rough go with the pitching in the first couple of games,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. “It was good to get on track.”

Thursday was even more beautiful with a first inning home run from Brandon Belt HIS 3rd for this season!  Makes  his goal of 74 home runs look very do-able!


Yet another Brandon proves his stuff with Hicks homer.  Angel Pagan with his 3 run homer sealed the D-Backs fate and that fate is LOSER!

bcrw streches 4314

timmy day 4314Timmy gave up a couple to the D-backs but he really only threw a couple of “bad” pitches and it mattered not as we did what we are best at and that is the “COMEBACK”!

“It takes those comebacks to have a winning season,” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said, invoking the memory of San Francisco’s six-run surge in the final three innings of Monday’s season opener.


My Spring Training Videos

The sunshine spotlights my favorite team  performing the annual spectacular “The Flight Of The SFG’s”

Always makes me smile to see such awesomeness and such silliness combine into one hell of a great bunch of guys! And they can play ball!  Ain’t life grand?


loe-timmyLOL KNBR Callers @LOLKNBRCallers

Ratto: “How do you get noticed by Bochy and the coaches in a full camp?” Kameron Loe: “Well, that’s why I wore Lincecum’s pants today.”










I can’t wait until the opening series in Phoenix.  Certainly I would like to be by the Bay when the boys arrive once again in AT & T to a sold out crowd of the best fans in baseball-but at least I am hanging on to opening day even if it is in a snake pit. LOL


@fangraphs: Crawford’s Best Defensive Plays, Statistically ” made me very emotional, good read





Hair Club for Men – Brandon Crawford


crawford mad at pitching machineThis funny and refreshing post by Brandon Crawford is a definate reblog! Brandon talks about hair, who’s is best and who primps over his. Surprising because they all have that casual, “I’m not tryinbelt flan crawford morse 22214g” look about them while being increadibly delicious! He mentions the great fit Morse is for the team, a fact that I picked up on my first day in Scottsdale. That is one attractive BP team!
No baby yet but the Crawfords are soon expecting baby number two and I am thrilled for them. Ok then…enjoy!

Originally posted on Brandon and Brandon:

Jalynne and I are back home. Everything’s fine. We’re hanging out with Braylyn and having a nice quiet day. I’ll take a few minutes for a short post.

We have a team meeting most days before practice. Bochy goes over the schedule and stuff like that. It is also the time we get to know guys who are in big league camp for the first time. Bochy summons two each morning to introduce themselves. They give their name, position, where they’re from and what they like to do.

Then they get questions from the rest of the team. You can’t imagine the ridiculous questions. They make me uncomfortable. Guys will bait the new player by asking him to name his current favorite song. The player will say what it is.

Then: “OK, now sing it.’’

That’s when I think, “Oh, I’m so glad I’m not up there right now.’’


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The Envelope Please . . . – Brandon Belt


Belt 22014Branden Belt talks about his fears.

“Lost in space, mid-air crash and being burned alive. That’s my order.”

Originally posted on Brandon and Brandon:

(Sorry I didn’t get this posted until today. Pretend it’s still yesterday.)

I could talk about my two hits today in the first game of spring. That felt pretty good.

​But because the Academy Awards are on Sunday, I thought I’d share my picks so you can win the pool at your Oscar party.

Best Actor: No question it’s Matthew McConaughey. He was awesome in Dallas Buyers Club. It’s the best performance of his career.

Best Actress: I’m picking Amy Adams because I think she’s a really good actress but I wasn’t blown away by her performance in American Hustle. And I didn’t see Blue Jasmine or that Osage County movie because it looked stupid. And Sandra Bullock was being Sandra Bullock and I didn’t really like Gravity. Getting lost in space is my biggest fear. I would never go into space. I think Bam-Bam’s stupid if he does it. That fear comes just ahead of being burned alive. I heard it…

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SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS Robbed by OAKLAND A’s in Today Opener


The Oakland A’s beat The Giants 10-5 today in the Spring Training Opener at Scottsdale Stadium.

Winning pitcher for the A’s was Jesse Chavez our losing pitcher was Yusmeiro Petit.

Other pitchers we saw today were Gutierrez, Runzler, Romo, Loe, Dollis, Hembree & Machi. sergio chase 9113

Brandon Belt singled in the first but that produced nothing, in fact Belt hit the ball well today but was stranded more than once.

A’s batters shelled our pitching staff sadly resulting in 6 earned runs for Romo and 3 for Petit.

The Giants finally scored in the fourth but only after the damage was done.


MICHAEL MORSE Scottsdale 2/20/2014

Despite home-runs by Duvall and Adrianza we came up short against Oakland although I see some promise of great things to come from Michael Morse who was robbed of hits more than once today by Reddick.

Sandoval and Duval both putting wood on the ball with ADRIANZA coming up with the big at bat in the 9th inning.  As exciting as it was, too little too late for today’s game.

Michael Morse is going to get us some hits this season, that is as long as Josh Reddick isn’t in the outfield!

Originally posted on Where Everyone's a Giant:

I haven’t had the chance to see all the highlights from today’s game, but let me tell you something: Josh Reddick made some pretty neat catches while climbing the right field fence in Scottsdale to rob Michael Morse of at least six total bases, maybe even eight. First, watch the videos so can get a glimpse:

Now, watch on repeat the crazy grabs that Josh Reddick made. First, the prayer backhand stretch catch:

and the second, the “thank goodness I didn’t have to climb as high this time” grab:

No, those were not the same catches, even though I wasn’t sure when I first watched. Hopefully that kind of stuff only happens to the Giants in Spring Training and not in the regular season. I mean, the bullpen was already tired of this happening after the second catch:

Well done, Josh Reddick. Do that to everybody else but the Giants…

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100_0191100_0194100_0250belt flan crawford morse 22214flan pence sandoval 22214crawford mad at pitching machinefreaky 1morse pagan pence sanchezBelt 22014touch your toes boys 22014handsome pitchersRighetti talks to the Panda 22014scottsdale 22014angel pagan 22014matty and buster 22014everybody grab a ball 22014

Another Day in Paradise


Today was wonderful! I enjoyed my first day of workouts with the most awesome guys ever! The San Francisco Giants almost entirely intact and looking spectacular! Even though I did better than last year my pictures and videos pale in comparison to this blog. I intend to compose a blog but thought this was worth re-blogging. No fair comparing though, after all I’m just a blonde. sigh :)

Originally posted on @Cafe Blog:

It was Day 2 of the #SFGiants Full Squad workouts here in Scottsdale, AZ.  Not much to report, but some of the highlights include

The arrival of Brandon Belt

Live pitching from Matt Cain and Javier Lopez

Green Screen fun with Brandon Belt

Sit down interview with Hunter Pence

Some great Live BP sessions

Take a look at the rest of the day 

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Spring Training – A Great Draft

Originally posted on SF Giants Photos:

sf giants, 2009 draft, photo

Brandon Crawford (Fourth Round), Buster Posey (First Round) & Roger Kieshnick (Third Round) – March 8, 2009

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CARON with BRANDON BELT 2/24/2013

I am SO excited!! Baseball is back in two (count them) TWO days!!

Spring is about to be “sprung” when the only baseball team that matters reports to Scottsdale AZ for spring training workouts.  A preview of what is going to be an epic season for the San Francisco Giants!

Pitchers and catchers arrive on Valentines Day February 14th with the rest of the squad joining them on the 18th.

There is nothing better than kickin’ it with the team in the beautiful Arizona sunshine at Scottsdale Stadium.  It is a relaxed and happy atmosphere with big smiles and goofing by our beloved team members who get playful just being with the each other again.  Hope to see you there.

I always enjoy being with my boys again as well as welcoming the new comers and hopefuls that are lucky enough to get a chance to play with the big boys! And it looks like we have some exciting fresh blood to look forward to reviewing.

Giants get 14 of the top prospects in top-14 list of Giants prospects


ANGEL PAGAN very happy in Scottsdale




The always pleasant HUNTER PENCE


Some of the guys goofin’ in the Scottsdale sun




ZITO 2/2013 Will be missed


Spring Training – Bambi’s Bombers


Can’t wait! Only 10 more days until Scottsdale and watching the best team ever in the Arizona sunshine!

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Sam Calderone, Lou Sleater, Rodger Bowman, George Bamberger & Phil Tomkinson in Phoenix – 1950

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From The Archives – Candlestick Park


Those were the days!

But these days aren’t too shabby either! williams clark thompson

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Latest Free Agent Rumors

 Around The Foghorn

Nov 16th, 2013 at 2:25 pm by Denise Walos

MLBTR: Mutual Interest Between Yankees And Javier Lopez

We’ve all been holding our breath the last few weeks to hear news about Javier Lopez and Ryan Vogelsong. But as many of you know, rumors are flying around about Tim Hudson and Ricky Nolasco coming to the Giants to help fill out the starting rotation next year. Here are the latest updates on Lopez and Vogelsong as well as other names being thrown around as potential new Giants in 2014. Javier Lopez (LHP, Giants) I’m pretending this is a joke.

Lopez’s primary goal, according to Meister, is to pitch on a contending team. “Of course, the Yankees are perennially that,” he told McCullough. As McCullough notes, the Yankees have a need in the bullpen with Mariano Rivera retiring and Boone Logan hitting free agency.

Of course, Lopez has also expressed interested in staying in San Francisco, and as said he’d give the Giants a last shot at keeping him. Lopez is looking for a multi-year deal. At age 36, I’d imagine he’s looking for a place to finish out his career. I personally hope the Giants go hard after keeping him, even if it means overpaying somewhat. That said, I’m sure he’d love a place where he is used more than for one batter at a time, like Bruce Bochy likes to use him. He’s quite good in that role, but I’d sure love to see more of him pitching in a San Francisco uniform.

And I too am hoping that the below is a joke! Javie to the Yankees!

I will look forward to new faces on the spring field soon but I am especially looking forward to those faces that I won’t have to miss!  Every year there is change and I always get over it but some of these boys are like family! You can’t replace them.  I’m counting the days!!!


A Giant Thank You to our Fans!


I appreciate the “Thank You’s” from the franchise but I want to thank the San Francisco Giants! I don’t require a trophy every year. What I require is exactly what I got, great baseball, wonderful guys, tons of heart & TORTURE!

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Chances are I won’t be attending Fan Appreciation Day Sunday and I am mournful.  But I am thankful for what the San Francisco Giants have given to me for the past 55 years!  As a Giants fan I have developed a “never say never” attitude that for me is imperative to survival.  After all things aren’t always easy and if you choose to believe that taking the good with the bad will pay off then you have won the battle.

The SF Giants have provided me with a team deserving of loyalty and in hindsight the 54 years of torture waiting for that first WS Trophy was worth it!

Thank you for loving me, or at least letting me believe that you do! :) HEART MY SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS FOREVER AND WHEREVER I MAY BE!


Bee Crazy?


An unhappy Wilson is exactly what I expected, and only an unhappy person would behave this way! At least we don’t have to waste any more time on bad thoughts for Bri Bri, he’s already miserable. Sorry Wilson, Once you go Blue, You aren’t welcome Back.

Mr Dodger Potatoe Head

Mr. Wilson Potato Head

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Here’s a pic from a fan who snapped this during Brian Wilson’s weird confrontation with Larry Baer after the game last night.


Wilson was apparently airing several pent up grievances including wanting his 2012 World Series ring and demanding that the Giants stop using his images in stadium video. What a whiny little be-atch this guy is……

The Giants have reported tried to contact Wilson several times to give him his ring and were ignored every time. And if this d-bag thinks he owns the rights to the freaking videos of him that get used on the stadium screen then he’s got more hubris than I ever thought he had. I had wished Wilson well but after this girlish tantrum I say “good riddence.”

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The San Francisco Giants have so much heart and sincere soul that any little thing can make a difference with this team.

Whether it’s the return of a teammate or sadly but strongly rallying around an injured teammate, last night we had both-these guys will find the magic.
The welcome return of Angel Pagan was shadowed only by the sadness that Andres Torres may have seen his last days as an active SF Giant.
Angel Pagan off the DL leads off the 1st inning with a double and reminds us all just exactly what we were missing these past months.  He proceeded to score the first and only run of the game but I saw little sparks flying as he came across home plate.

Just the little sumpthin’ sumpthin’ that the boys needed to get a much-needed attitude adjustment.
Good news on the success of Andres Torres surgery to remove bone spurts from his foot was soured by the bad news that this may have been a career ending surgery for Torres.
The new healthier happier skinny Panda who has felt the magic back in his game makes the defensive play of the year to save Timmy’s ass in the 6th
as we held on to a 1 run lead.
Timmy who to many was “washed up” didn’t give up a run in 6 innings even though he didn’t have his best stuff.
Javi hangs on to the lead of 1-0 and Cassilla comes in doing no damage.

A magical play by Scutaro and we are going to the ninth. Incredible defense!  Finishing off the game our stellar closer Romo and the Giants plus a bit of magic triumph over the Arizona Diamond Backs 1-0 :)

return of pagan

Building Future SF Teams–Does the Formula Need to Change?



I like to think my team The San Francisco Giants, and everybody involved can do no wrong, or very little wrong.  Truth is something other then what transpired this season would do.

Anybody else have any thoughts on this?

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With the Giants winning a rare weekend series and the Dodgers losing one, it got me to thinking, what will Sabean have to do going forward to build a team that can compete year in and year out with the LA Art Dealers. After all, if you are competing against a team that cares not about a budget, it presents challenges to the builders of the teams trying to beat them.

Sabean built 2 World Series championship teams by putting together a rock solid pitching staff and making deft deadline (and pre-deadline) pickups along the way. Of course, both teams had to get hot in September and the playoffs and luckily, they did just that.

But does Sabes need a new plan? The payroll is already high, does it need to go higher? If the team gets younger, is Bochy the right man for the job? Or does Sabean just…

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Quick Hits for August 23, 2013


mmmmm belt


Mmmmmmm BELT!

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TONIGHT’S GAME… The San Francisco Giants host the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight in the second game of this four game series… RHP Charlie Morton (4-3, 3.67) is slated to face LHP Madison Bumgarner (11-7, 2.87).

sf gaints, august 22, 2013, photo

BRANDON BELTING…IF Brandon Belt has hit .351 (26-for-74) with ! ve doubles, three triples and five home runs in 21 games this month…his .351 average ranks as the ninth- highest in the NL…he’s also fourth in slugging pct. (.703) and ninth in on-base pct. (.429).

Click HERE for today’s complete game notes.

sf gaints, august 22, 2013, photo

JOAQUIN ARIAS… Is batting .173 (14-for-81) at home, compared to .386 (33-for-87) on the road.

sf gaints, august 22, 2013, photo

NICK NOONAN… Is hitting just .209 (19-for-91) with two doubles and four RBI in 53 games (13 starts) this season.

sf gaints, august 22, 2013, photo

BRANDON CRAWFORD… Has already hit a career-high eight HRs a# er hitting seven total in his previous two campaigns.

sf gaints, august 22, 2013, photo TIM LINCECUM… Has posted a record of 1-3 with a 4.38 ERA (18er, 37.0ip)

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Torture, Re-Visited



Seems nothing has gone right for our San Francisco Giants. Some of the plays made by opposing players have been “other worldly” causing me to shake my head rather than stomp my foot. Things have been supernaturally bad, only thing that makes sense is that Fortuna is not in our corner at this time.
Please Fortuna, hear my plea, spin upwards.

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Someone mentioned it last night and I agree–there wasn’t any pain felt (by me) after Span made that catch. It was more like a joke that was funny that I didn’t laugh at. Anyway, here are the 3 *hilarious* catches this year that ended with the Giants as the punchline each time:

The first one was Venable’s on 6/17:

Next, we have Matt Kemp’s grab on 6/25:

Finally, last night, Span takes a circuitous route to finish off the humor:

I’m not sure which was the best catch or which one hurt more. Or which one was funnier.


Also, here’s a tweet that I found interesting. I have said the same thing many times:


Additionally, Brandon Crawford has negative defensive ratings in 4 of 5 categories at fangraphs. THAT is a joke.

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The Mystery of Hitting

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It seems crazy that professional baseball players can go so deep into slumps. You’ve been playing all your life. You know how to hit. Then suddenly you can’t. It’s not like the game has changed. It’s the same game. But somehow you’re not the same.

How does that happen?

​I’ve been asked that question more than a few times during this bad stretch. I’ve asked myself that question a lot. I think it’s like handwriting. You know how to make your letters, right? You’ve been writing your whole life. But then sometimes maybe your hand gets tired or your brain is not sending all the right messages to your fingers, and you start writing different. The letters aren’t as neat and straight.

​So you have to clear your mind and get your focus and sharpness back. I’m in that process. It’s been hard mentally. It’s been on my mind so much — when I go to bed, when I get up in…

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Giants Are About To Make It Two In A Row!



Tonight with the return of Ryan Vogelsong and that fun victory last night I am looking forward to a great game!


vogelsong 4172013

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These men will lead us to victory. I guarantee it!

1. Marco Scutaro (R) 2B

2. Brandon Crawford (L) SS

3. Brandon Belt (L) 1B

4. Buster Posey (R) C

5. Hunter Pence (R) RF

6. Pablo Sandoval (S) 3B

7. Roger Kieschnick (L) LF

8. Gregor Blanco (L) CF

9. Ryan Vogelsong (R) P


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Cheese & Kieschnick


Last night was “MAGICAL”!

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It was a great time at the ballpark tonight.  The Harlem Globtrotter’s “Cheese” threw out the first pitch and Roger Kieschnick continued the fun by going 2-for-5 with 2 RBI in his Major League debut.

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White House Visit


SLIDESHOWS of SF GIANTS photos every day?! Life is good!!

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Today President Obama welcomed the San Francisco Giants to the White House to honor the team and their 2012 World Series Championship…the visit will continued the tradition begun by President Obama of honoring sports teams for their efforts to give back to communities.

We have also included all the photos in a slideshow:

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June 30th 2013 Sunday 

Having just arrived last night I am back in Northern California where I was born and raised, but just a visit. I can’t stay more than a few weeks so my plan-spend as much time as possible with my son’s the rest at the ocean.  Not rushing off to AT&T to watch my beloved SF Giants even though that was naturally my first impulse.  I catch quite a few games between Phoenix and San Diego now my time is so short and precious I need my ocean fix!  So I was cool putting baseball on the back burner until after the All Star Break.

I planned on being out of range to view many if any Giants games during this trip but when I found my team spiraling down a losing streak of a length that shocked even me-I had to do something and quickly!

face rock

Even in this modern-day there is still no internet where I  was going to be spending my time so I went old school!

First I removed the orange polish from my toes (something I never do during the season) and painted one big toe BLACK.  Put on a Giants shirt I had not worn before, also BLACK.  Then I got in my car drove from ocean cove to ocean cove listening to the game on the radio, quickly realizing how much I missed KNBR Radio “Home of your SF Giants” 

I never listened to another station until I absolutely had to. During my first months away from the bay area I kept trying to get even a static signal refusing to believe it was really gone, even going out in the desert trying to get a broadcast because someone said I could.  I couldn’t and finally gave up listening to the radio in the car all together. Once in range I turned KNBR on ecstatically hanging on every word uttered over the station.

 So I’m driving, chanting, jeering, cheering, and willing my team to victory.  Trying single-handedly to bring back the “Magic” that use to be all “up in here”.  There was no actual “ceremony” no sacrifices were made but it was “Baseball Voodoo” and it worked!  After losing six in a row we beat the Rockies that day and I am taking credit.

Silly me, focusing on just one game,  trying to break the streak, willing the Giants to win just one game-oops.  Just one toe, just one win.  What would have happened if I had painted them all black that day?  Well,  I think we can be pretty certain that with my voodoo powers we would be sitting pretty right about now.  Or not.  

The message here is…I can “will” the Giants to win!… No, that’s not the message here!  The message is… “BELIEVE” that’s the message.  ‘Belief’ is what created the magic and lack there of is what killed it.  

That and, of course, the PRESSURE.

July 26, 2013 Friday

Lynch mobs were contained before they could string up the current scapegoat-our lovable first baseman Brandon Belt.  You would think that he was the first SF Giant to ever screw up and fact is, he is not.  Yes, he is struggling, brain explosion, the WHOLE TEAM is struggling!  Did his error cost us the game?  Maybe, probably but that was last night.  There has been much bigger uglier errors and such that he had no involvement in.  Last night was ugly and my heart goes out to Belt because unlike some, I know he cares, he didn’t want to make that error and he feels really bad about it. It was a loss for Cain and he deserved the win but Matt should be very understanding.  Why?  Oh you haven’t  forgotten already the disasters Cain and other starters have had on the mound this season.  Also ugly but it didn’t change who he is or what he means to this team and last night we saw our reason to support him, always!

Poor Branden

Poor Branden

Bochy finally showing his frustration openly “This was a tough one,” he said. “It’s always hard at home when you lose a game like this.”

I wouldn’t want to be in that locker room! Now that’s pressure, from the start it has been pressure.  Pressure to play like champs, better than any other team.  

Until I have proof that these guys are going out there with the intention of playing poorly I will remain a loyal FAN-that means I will root for my team-for better or for worse.

If I were only capable of loving the Giants when they win then I wouldn’t be a FAN for two reasons;  1) You call that being a “FAN”?! What are you crazy?!  2) Out of 55 years in SF the Giants have only two trophy’s both won after less than perfect seasons.

So much for anger over a winning team reverting to a losing team-I’m still celebrating our first trophy that I waited a lifetime for-now they aren’t good enough?  Sorry, I don’t play that way, and the team shouldn’t have to go from having the best fans in MLB to having the…well, not the best.  They deserve better after all these guys won us two World Championships!  I think they are wonderful, now let’s remind them of that.

So to my team, the World Champion San Francisco Giants, a team that has kept my interest and my loyalty for 55 years I would like to say this and I’m saying it as yo mamma so listen up, k? :)

“A fundamental rule of life is that whatever you focus on grows.”  That said LET’S FOCUS guys!  Snap out of it! Focus on the positive.  And you positively better start winning some games!  :)

But if you can’t I know it isn’t because you aren’t trying.  Do the best you can and that is all anybody should ask of you.  If you try and fail, you won’t be the first.  The unhappy “fans” have forgotten the accomplishments of even our “star” players many questioning the abilities of Buster Posey! This is a guy who must wait for a new award to be created because he has won them all as a SF Giant.   There isn’t one player I can name off the top of my head that hasn’t been the target of these doubting, know it all, fair weather fan comments.  My favorite thing is when the player’s strike back turning those words into food to be eaten by doing something amazing, for instance pitching a no-hitter,  laying down a “fat” double, or making an amazing play out of nowhere.  This didn’t pan out for Belt last night but I was praying that redemption would be had in the 9th when he gave that ball a ride.  And just because it didn’t doesn’t mean it couldn’t or won’t so chin up.

timmy pablo 72613buster posey 72613

“Repetition cultivates belief. This is the basis of all conditioning, also known as brainwashing…When we create a disaster scenario in our heads…with every repetition that scenario becomes the irrefutable outcome of our efforts.”

I feel that there are too many disaster scenario’s being played out and its bad mojo! If you believe in Magic you gotta believe in Mojo-positive reinforcement is what you should be practicing and there are professional’s such as myself here to help you with that.  Real true fans that have experience with this type of situation.

We love you our SF Giants! Really, come on over to our place-we have your pictures, bobble-heads, jersey’s, signed balls, banners, blankets, shoes, jackets, ticket stubs and on and on.  We are proud, we bleed orange, together “we are GIANT”


What are you focusing on today? Concentrate on everything good in your life and every possible fantastic scenario for the future. Pay attention to every thought in your head. What you focus on has the power to turn your days sour (like some fans)— or sweet (like sugar or like a SF Giants player) 

Remember why you are World Champions. Check out that ring! Not every one has a ring like that! You may even have two, in fact I’ll bet you do.  And they were EARNED not just gifted to you for being cute.  Perseverance, Heart, love of the game, love of your teammates, support from loved ones, those are the tools that contributed to amazing performance on the field.  Not one of you did it alone, it was a team effort.  Not one of you alone is responsible for the struggle of today, that too was a team effort.

I am not heartbroken over where we are in the standings. How foolish that would be for a fan who waited 54 long years for that one trophy and now we have two?!  I’m not greedy.

What breaks my heart is the idea of any one of you losing what makes you special-your heart, your grit, your ability to believe in yourself and your team.  We have clawed and scratched our way against all odds over and over again because we “believed” that we could!  Don’t stop believing now.  Hey, someone should write a song like that..! :)  I don’t want you to be sad or discouraged because I like you and I care for you with unconditional “mamma love”.  

Come closer…here is your big HUG.   Now, get out there scamps, bring mamma another trophy, I know you will if not this year than the next.

Your greatest comfort right now will probably be blind faith. I know mine is.

Even if things seem entirely hopeless, a willingness to BELIEVE can get you the rough spots. Go along with your life, knowing things will work out the way they’re supposed to, but remember, The DODGERS must be stopped! 

Everything is going to be alright. Baseball is your passion as well as your job so do it with a smile and no matter what the outcome, you will be okay.  We need some new magic to turn things around.  I hope it’s not too late to bring back the joy because I feel very strongly that it is the joy that will create the magic.  

Good times are only noticed becausee we have bad times to compare them to. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.  Blah blah blah positive comment blah blah uplifting thought blah blah, get it? 

I am one fan that will be here for the pain as well as the pleasure.  Didn’t anybody learn anything from “Chicken Little?” You can’t eat any of the pie if you don’t help with the baking.  

Now, let’s go get ‘em!  Let’s play some Giants Baseball!

And damn it, have fun even if it kills ya! :)

Step Up To The Camera


Ally did an excellent job making a not so pretty game look very attractive! Now let’s hope We can go “BIG COUNTRY” all over some Cubbies behinds tonight!! LETS GO GIANTS Always BELIEVE!

Originally posted on SF Giants Photos:

Greetings Giants fans from your SF Giants Photo Intern, Ally.  Tonight I was given the opportunity of a lifetime, photographing my first game.  I greatly enjoyed capturing every exciting moment, while doing something I love.  Go Giants!

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Puking During Puig At Bats


Although this may seem in direct conflict to my last post, as I said it’s a “rivalry” an on the field rivalry. I find this blog amusing and I think it mirror’s my thoughts on the past 2 games rather closely. Enjoy!

Originally posted on THE San Francisco Giants Blog:

“This guy Puig is gonna be a problem….” –San Dawg

I forget when he said that, probably during Puig’s first game up. It was a simple line, yet foreboding, and it gave us fair warning of what was to come….

*This guy Puig* is grinding on my patience. It’s not just the constant media jack off session that bothers me although that’s part of it. I thought it was complete BS that he was throwing sucker haymakers in the brawl with AZ and managed to get exactly zero days of suspension. Calls for him to be named to the all star game, after 60 at bats, was definitely irksome. And while I’m not doubting his talent for a moment, I was looking forward to Bumgarner knocking him down a few *puigs* in the game last night. So it was quite easy for me to go quickly and loudly into a…

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To sum up what our players, who stood along side Dodger players on the field one day after the horrible incident that resulted in the beating of Brian Stow, “This is a baseball rivalry, on field rivalry, it ends there.  After the game, off the field we are friends.”

We need to remember this.

Yes, BEAT LA! Beat them badly!

But on the field. Those people we call the “STINKING DODGERS” & THE STINKING DODGER FANS” well, darn it, they are people to!

Even when we haven’t been facing the Dodger’s the negativity from Giants “fans” has been overwhelming. It’s so bad on Twitter that I pray for the day these negative fair weather fans will jump or be pushed off the ban wagon and once again the SF Giants can brag about the tremendous fan base they have!  A team that doesn’t have to “freak out” because of fan negativity voice after every less than perfect performance, is going to be a more relaxed, happy, productive team. Lighten up people, this is our team!

In case you think this opinion is all mine, below from a seasoned SF Giants fan & real person, I share her thoughts;

“Hi there! I just had to talk to you via email…I hope that’s ok. Last night twitter was filled with so much negativity! And I’m no prude, but so many vulgar comments were made. I just was disgusted & I felt like it took away the enjoyment of watching the game for me. One of my best friends is a diehard Dodger fan & we’ve had a lot of good chats throughout last year & this… but all done in fun with consideration for each other. Maybe that’s what’s missing on Twitter. Since it’s such a public forum, and very few of us really know each other, that respect and consideration is missing. I don’t know…maybe I’m just too old for this kind of mindless chatter! I do enjoy talking to a lot of people, you of course, but some just seem to cross the line. So I’m thinking tonight I’ll just watch the game & chat with my Dodger friend, who calls her beloved team the “Cellar Dwellers!” Any thoughts? I value your opinion! :)

The SF Giants  are about to EXPLODE! Enjoy it every moment of it! After all it’s GIANTS BASEBALL! And there is nothing better! 

matt cains perfect game

Quick Hits for June 24, 2013

Originally posted on SF Giants Photos:

TONIGHT’S GAME…The San Francisco Giants visit the Los Angeles Dodgers in the first
game of this three-game series…LHP Hyun-Jin Ryu (6-3, 2.96) is scheduled to face
LHP Madison Bumgarner (7-4, 3.25).

San Francisco Giants, S.F. Giants, photo, 2013, Hunter Pence

HUNTER PENCE … Has hit a team-high 12 home runs…10 of his 12 homers this season have been solo shots.

Click HEREfor today’s complete game notes.

San Francisco Giants, S.F. Giants, photo, 2013, Pablo SANDOVAL

PABLO SANDOVAL … Returned from his rehab assignment and reinstated off the 15-day DL today.

San Francisco Giants, S.F. Giants, photo, 2013, Brandon Belt

BRANDON BELT … Is hitting .333 (17-for-51) against LH pitchers, the 11th-highest figure in the NL.

San Francisco Giants, S.F. Giants, photo, 2013, Jake Dunning

JAKE DUNNING … Tossed 2.0-scoreless innings yesterday (1so).

San Francisco Giants, S.F. Giants, photo, 2013, Marco Scutaro

MARCO SCUTARO … Is four RBI away from 500 in his career.

San Francisco Giants, S.F. Giants, photo, 2013, Tony Abreu

TONY ABREU … Has appeared in 12 games (FIve starts), going 9×32 (.281) with four doubles, a triple and two RBI.

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Today Daddy and I took on the bass on Metri Lake Yuma Arizona. Eight fish in the boat just about guarantees a win for the Giants tonight!  Fishing  a drop shot rig with pumpkin seed colored Swirly tailed worm I managed to land 3 while Daddy did better bringing 5 into the boat with the same rig different plastic, purple Robo worm.


LAST NIGHTS WIN OVER THE PADRES WAS VERY ENTERTAINING and a great game all around. Madison Bumgarner got the win with the help of Gregor Blanco  despite Guzman’s determination to add validation to the cocky showmanship he so loves to display on the field.  Our victory of 4-2 over the Padres would have been more valuable if the D-Backs had not also managed to ring up a victory, but we are very much “in this thing”.  Good luck bringing me down about our possibilities of another Championship.

big country vs padres 61913

Blanco’s two-run triple in the seventh lifts San Francisco to series win
By Andrew Owens

the great white shark 61913

Madison went “Big Country” all over Guzman in the second inning by throwing the ball behind him just to make him aware his “show boating” after going deep the night before was inappropriate behavior.  Both benches cleared and feathers fluffed but after it all our pitcher showed true Giants values by refusing to comment though the media did all they could to stir things up again.

guzman and madison go at it 61913

Tonight Chad Gaudin will face Tom Koehler who will be looking for his first ML win.

The Giants are still dealing with injuries. Outfielder Angel Pagan, out since May 25 with a strained left
hamstring, is slated to start a rehab assignment on Thursday. Third baseman Pablo Sandoval, with a strained left foot,
is scheduled to start a rehab assignment on Saturday. Shortstop Brandon Crawford is doubtful for Thursday’s contest
due to a sprained right index and middle finger.

The Marlins and Giants have not faced each other yet this season. Last year the Marlins won five of their seven against the Giants but I think the fishing tells the story.

I’m not worried about tonight’s game or the series at all…

Fish in the boat, fish on the field.  I feel a victory for the SF Giants tonight!

Grabbin’ Some Pine 6/19


Don’t have a clue how he keeps coming up with these great “comics” but I enjoy every single one of them!

Originally posted on Communist Comics:


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Giants keep their cool after contentious series | CSN Bay Area

The San Francisco Giants once again make me proud by setting themselves apart not only with the way they play ball but with the outstanding sportsmanship they possess both on and off the field.

Let the Padres and the Dodger’s beat each other to a pulp if they want to without considering the fact that there are thousands of young people who are learning about sportsmanship, but certainly not from the behavior or those two teams.

Raise your kids to be SF Giants fans and you will be raising them right!

Giants keep their cool after contentious series | CSN Bay Area.


The San Francisco Giants have been my baseball team for 55 years and that is never going to change.

The men on this incredible team are not just ball players, they are actual people too!

Here are some things to think about next time you decide it’s your “job” to make public your frustration or unhappiness with a player’s performance by means of  harsh negative comments.

Players are people with families. Players are people so they are not perfect. Players take their jobs seriously and try to do them the best they can. Players feel bad when they make a mistake. Players hear what is being said about them and negative comments are harmful and hurtful to them and to their families.  No team win’s the Championship every year, that would be boring.

If you feel you can do the job better than why aren’t you? 

little hunter pencebelt and momcrawford and momguillermo and momtorres and mom1pagan and mom

vogie and momthe crawfordsguadin and familysergio and boystimmysergio and dad

I think sometimes there are those that forget that. They have feelings, hopes and dreams just as every person does.  They are doing a job and they are doing it to the best of their ability.  They are not going out on the field and trying to give a poor performance, they are trying to do their job as well as possible.  They want to win, they want to hit well, pitch well, field the ball well.  If they don’t manage to do that they are just as upset about it as any fan could possibly be.  So lighten up people, if you call yourself a fan don’t make things worse for a player who is already feeling bad.  Why would you kick somebody when they are down? Especially if that somebody is a member of a ball team you claim to be a fan of.

I waited 54 years for that first trophy and the second was the cherry on top.  Obviously I have known this baseball team long before they were ever World Champions and I think that is now having an effect on my attitude.  Not towards my team but towards my lack of tolerance for negativity from other’s that call themselves fans.

Oh, I can hear the growling now!  I expect it because most of the fan’s I am seeing and hearing think it is perfectly except able to share what they believe to be informed opinions whether they are negative or not.  True everybody is entitled to their opinion but to me being a  fan of any team means that you are going to root for them win or lose.  I believe in loving the players as people not viewing them as someone paid to entertain me.

When our team struggles there are far too many “fans” that throw their hands up in the air and say “well that’s it, the Giants stink”.  If a player has a bit of trouble with his pitching “let’s get rid of him” is their answer.  If a player is struggling at the plate they are obviously “in a slump” and should be benched.  A player commits an error “hang him” it’s all the talk of folks who either think they are smarter or more informed than those who manage the team.  Along with that it is  likely they lack the loyalty it takes to be a fan of a team that can’t guarantee a trophy every year.  No team, player or person is perfect all the time.  That’s just a fact of life.

I do not claim to know it all when it comes to baseball and it makes absolutely no difference in defining me as a fan.  Thank goodness I am not the one who makes the decision when it is time to “give up” on a player and I have seen many of my favorite Giants removed from the team over the years and it has never been pleasant.  I get over it, I move along and new players come and I learn to love them.  There are players on the current active roster that I just can’t imagine losing and if and when that happens I will probably not deal with it very well.  But that’s life and it’s going to happen year after year as it has in the past.

Until the day they are striped of the Giants uniform I will stand by them through their successful outings as well as their unsuccessful ones.  That’s my job as a fan and I do it voluntarily.  I don’t like to lose games and it frustrates me when we play poorly but it does not give me cause to attack them. Nobody is forced to be a SF Giants fan, it’s a choice you make and if you make that choice it is your job to support the players, their coaches, managers and owners.

After all let’s not forget that the San Francisco Giants are known for their incredible fan base and I truly believe the guys when they say they “are grateful” and that it “means a lot to them to have that support”. So let’s live up to that, let’s support them. a

Some games made you feel less than pleased? You felt frustrated? You were disappointed by a player or player’s performance? You were angry?

That’s your right and you are entitled to your feelings but how do you think the player’s themselves feel after such a game? They too have strong feelings about the game and their performances. I consider those feelings to be important- more important than a disgruntled fans right to rant.

“This is the group that’s going to be out there,” Bochy

“I knew out of my hand that it wasn’t right,” said Lincecum, who was caught on a television replay screaming in dismay as Freeman connected.

Said Lincecum, who found his equilibrium after issuing leadoff walks in the first three innings, “Every outing I know I can take some positives from it and not lean on the negatives so much.”

Lincecum  about three leadoff walks in the first three innings. “That’ll hurt you,” he said. “It’s just timing. You go up there and work on it between innings with your warm-up pitches, but it’s frustrating when you can’t repeat it. Then you’re grinding.”

“We always look forward to going home,” Lincecum said. “We’ll hit the reset button.”

“It says a lot about how he gutted it out,” Bochy said of Lincecum. “He kept us in the game.”

“ I feel terrible.We are human and we make mistakes.Things happen for a reason. But in my heart, I feel terrible, bad” Andres Torres  

“I’ve lost a few balls like that,” said Torres, clearly upset with himself.  “I have no clue, to be honest. But it was terrible,” Torres said when asked to explain the misplay.  “What happened out there?” he said, furrowing his brow. “I don’t know.”.

Bochy stuck by Torres, who now leads the Majors with five errors in left field. He made one in all of 2010

“He’s a gifted defender and had a couple of off nights. He came in the dugout and apologized. He was pretty upset with himself. But this is the group that is going to be out there, and we’re going to stand behind him.”  Bochy defending Torres.

SergioRomo “It’s baseball. You can only control certain things,” Romo said. “Went out there and tried my best.”

…to my wonderful wife for all she does for our twins! -Buster

Chad Gaudin ‏@ChadGaudin57 23 Apr
apparently my son wanted to say to y’all this morning “Greet mlsdawwwpspwwwqwpuQojhu”. & i want to say sorry for that tweet & the confusion

Nick Noonan ‏@Noonan_21 15 Apr
So pumped to be part of a great team with amazing fans !! Thanks for the support and warm welcome to SF… Lets gooooo!!!!

George Kontos ‏@G_Kontos 19 May
Time to get home and start over! “But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward;….

POSTGAME NOTES: Bochy stands by his left fielder; A tranquil Dunning debut

The #SFGiants Draft Picks and their Twitter Accounts (that I could find)


This is something a little different than most SFG Blogs and I love different!

Spring Training Feb 2012


Originally posted on Where Everyone's a Giant:

A week ago today the Houston Astros kicked off the MLB Draft by taking Mark Appel with the first pick. The Giants, twenty-four picks later chose Christian Arroyo and then the continued rebuilding for the future officially was back on its way. In case you are hoping for news from the Giants draft picks and wondering where you might be able to hear them from, the prospects themselves are a great place to start. Keep in mind that eleven of the picks from 2012 did not sign, including their 7th, 10th, 11th, and 14th round picks. Nothing has been officially announced on the Giants website about picks signing, but slowly announcements of contract signings have been coming in. Picks are listed in the order they were picked by the Giants.

Christian Arroyo — @arroyo_c

Ryder Jones — @Jonesy_56

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Thumb Wrestling Contest Determines Name Of New CSN SPORTS SHOW Presenting “YUP! SPORTS TALK LIVE”

It was a fight to the finish between JIM KOZIMOR of CSN BAY AREA and ALEX PAVLOVIC Sports writer for the MERCURY NEWS but as Kozimor’s thumb went down the name of the new series which premiers on June 3rd will be…wait for it… “YUP! SPORTSTALK LIVE”

THE SHOW a collaboration of COMCAST SPORTSNET BAY AREA AND YAHOO!,  “YUP”‘S  name gives credit to Yahoo!SPORTS along with sports writer and new host of the show ALEX PAVLOVIC

OK so I’ve had my fun with that. The truth it was JIM KOZIMOR who successfully wrestled MR. PAVLOVIC’s thumb to the mat.
If you are a stickler for reality please find that information below.

Yesterday was a terrible day for me and I’m fairly certain that other SF Giants fans weren’t doing any happy dances either.
I won’t bother to do any “play by-play” stuff because there are plenty of more qualified writers that have done so, you will find those links below.
As a fan of 56 years I am not all “shaken up” by the struggle the SF Giants are having right now along with that comes the loyalty that keeps me from slamming them when they don’t perform perfectly. I take the good with the bad and keep positive ever rooting them on.

True I didn’t enjoy spending the entire day in my recliner watching my team get pummeled by STL however what really made it a bad day was the experience with people who chose to go out of their way to be unkind to me.

I am not here to whine about that after all this is the “LIGHTER SIDE OF SPORTS”
Today I would like to take the opportunity to mention some of the people involved with the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS who have recently gone out of their way to be kind to me.

DAN FARETTI-Thank you for all you did for me and Michael! You provided him with a unique one of a kind experience on his birthday!

Behind the scenes most of the time heading security for the Giants while at AT&T you will find him chatting with fans while on the field of Scottsdale Stadium during spring training.
Dan is one of the most charming an personable people I have ever met. From the interactions I have seen between him & fans I don’t seem to be alone in my admiration for this man.

ALEX PAVLOVIC-Thank you for your kind and unexpected willingness to do what you could to make Michael’s day special! I admire you for your accessibility!
On May 21st of this year Alex was at AT&T Park covering the game for “ChronLive”. But still took the time to invite my son to the Press Booth.

Alex PavlovicALEX came to the Mercury News in 2009 and contributed to the Giants beats. He is a 2008 graduate of UC Santa Barbara, where he was the Daily Nexus sports editor and did radio broadcasts for literally dozens of listeners. Alex grew up in Cupertino.

Mr. Pavlovic currently a writer covering bay area sports in the MERCURY NEWS
also does an excellent job with his blog GIANTS EXTRA about the San Francisco Giants MORE BELOW

MYCHAEL URBAN-Another well-known sports writer who was willing to go out of his way to show kindness to me and my son. Thank you so much for your unselfish willingness to contribute your time.

Mychael UrbanMYCHAEL writes for The SF Examiner and is married with two adorable daughters.  MORE BELOW




DANIELLEY-   @bleacher_creech 

A favorite tweeter follower who goes out of her way every day to be kind. Thank you creech :)

BOTH ALEX PAVLOVIC AND MYCHAEL URBAN were contributors to a must have book for all SF Giants fans “ONE COMMON GOAL” If you don’t have it you must get it.

By:Mychael Urban | 03/24/13 1:26
Concerns about Pablo Sandoval, Bartolo Colon are justified

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:

By Alex Pavlovic
POSTGAME NOTES: The ugly numbers behind a doubleheader sweep(50)


Giants Extra
A blog about the San Francisco Giants



Andrew Baggarly

SF Chronicle


Jim Kozimor


Today’s home game #26 (17-8) vs the Colorado Rockies

That’s right it’s “Timmy Day”

Tim Lincecum (3-3, 4.70) will go up against Tyler Chatwood (2-0, 2.55) also a right handed pitcher.

THE GIANTS...Have lost six of their last nine games…however,they still enter tonight’s game in a three-way tie for first place in the NL West with Arizona and Colorado.

Giants have gone 10-2 at home this season vs NL West teams and have swept 3 or their 4 series.

Even though Scutaro’s 19 game hit streak came to an end Wed. his streak was the longest hitting streak in the Majors so far this
season. Good job Marco!


One streak that hasn’t ended for Scutaro is against Colorado, he has hit in every one of his last 15 games against the Rockies since
he left that team to become a Giant.
Nice for him to do so well against his former team who I am assuming would love to have him back. Keep it up tonight Marco your bat
may be the one that is the factor in us taking game one of this three game series.








Timmy Leroy Lincecum
Born on June 15 1984 he made his Major League debut may 6, 2007

In that same year a the age of 24 years old he became the youngest Cy Young winner in either league, since Roger Clemens was 24 in 1986.

Lincecum also became 13th pitcher to win honor with team having sub .500 record.

Only three pitchers had as many strikeout in their sophomore season as Timmy

Lincecum is Giants franchise record holder for number of games pitched with 10-or-more strikeouts (32)
Unfortunatly in 2012 he had just one double-digit strikeout game.

And the most important “SUPPORT TIMMY” stat tonight

Tim earned his 1st Major League victory May 11 in Colorado, defeating Rockies 8-3.

SFG have gone 11-4 in Timmy’s last 15 outings. The Giants 6-3 record behind Lincecum’s start this season BEST among any of our other

Tim is 65-7 with run support of 3 or more so our bats know what they have to do tonight!

Speaking our our BATS

SF GIANTS offense goes into the game tonight LEADING the NL with a .272 average.

SF Giants have errors galore! 14 in their past nine games and now with 18 in the past 15 which lead to the unhappy and surprising
stat: 35 errors have tied us for the 3rd most in the league! Screwing up just slightly less than the Cubbies & the Nats.



Grabbin’ Some Pine 5/20





vogelsong 4172013The rest of the team had an amazing night at the plate Belt with a 4 hit night pounding his 6th home run of the season! Torres long overdue had a 3 hit night driving in the Giants first run of the game.  Scutaro despite an error lengthened  his hitting streak to 18 games.  Total hits for the San Francisco Giants tonight-17! The offense also turned 2 double plays and after Vogelsong left the game with his injured hand our bull pen kept the Nationals scoreless.

Originally posted on Communist Comics:


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THE SF GIANTS BEAT THE BRAVES tonight by a score of 8-2 behind the pitching of our “Horse” the amazing MATT CAIN!

Matty did a bang up job earning him the first effortless win of this season. He looked mahhhhvelous!

Matt did more than pitch well; he helped himself out with RBI’s giving us all back the faith in our “veteran” that may have wavered a bit recently. With only one previous win this season it’s been an unusual start for “THE PITCHER” of our team.

Matt did pitch games that he either “deserved” to win or won out-right had won until a “reliever” screwed it up for him. But that’s then and tonight’s tonight!!

This tweeter follower and fellow SF Giants fan puts it well:


Damn proud of Cain. Limiting an offensively potent team like the Braves to two runs is great! Way to go! #RallyHorse

For complete game recap please go to

And now for the fishing report:


A missing fisherman’s body was found yesterday off the east end of Metri Lake, Yuma AZ yesterday by divers who had been searching for days.

The California man’s submerged boat and abandon pick-up truck had been found earlier this week after friends reported him missing almost a week ago. The police and divers have been searching the lake for days for the missing man.

This was tragic and the first death of a fisherman on this quite lake that anyone can remember. Metri Lake is where I was first introduced to Largemouth Bass fishing and since it’s a short drive from my house I fish there often.

Even though dad and I had talked about going out today, I was not anxious to go out until the body was found so I was relieved last night, as I’m sure the man’s family was, when he was found.

Last spring a month or so before I attended the fateful opening series in Phoenix where I watched my beloved SF Giants get swept by the AZ D-Backs, I cracked my ankle after rescuing a man from drowning in this same lake. As we were headed back to the dock that day I noticed a man floating in the lake while holding his arm, up much as if he was skiing and was waiting for the boat to circle. He was not skiing, in fact nobody skis on Metri Lake, I don’t even think it is allowed.

This guy had a rope in his hand which was attached to his totally submerged flat bottom aluminum boat and he was struggling to stay above water. I put daddy behind the wheel of the boat and went to the back to try to help the guy in the boat. Well, this guy was big! And exhausted, and couldn’t pull himself into the boat. Well with the adrenaline I am assuming that those mom’s get when they lift the car off of their babies, I reached over the edge of our boat, grabbed this very large man by his belt and heaved him into the boat.

Long story short we towed him and his boat to shore and even though I think he was still in shock dad and I went home with quite the experience under our belts.

Any whooo…I was a bit worried that given our history we would be the unfortunate fisher persons to find the body of the poor soul. Thankfully not, but Daddy did catch a fish that could have swallowed us both whole!! Whopper!

Over 6 lbs and 23 inches long with the biggest mouth I have ever seen on a fish, this beauty was caught this morning before 9 am on a “drop shot”- tequila-sunrise worm with a chartreuse tipped tail.



Making it even more beautiful is the fact it was against the LA DODGERS!

Saving us from another boring baseball game our team provided the torture once again. I loved it!

Here is how I saw the game:

POSEY – 2 X RBI Ground-rule double! Got both his “cheeks into it” says Krukow and it was almost OUTTA HERE!


POSEY-RBI without swinging the bat


TORRES- HOME RUN His first of the season!

Something about the Dodgers scoring 7 runs in the fifth inning.

“Providing some much-needed therapy” for the struggling LA Dodgers. Krukow is right so, you’re welcome LA.


Wild pitch scores POSEY.

PABLO – Sac Fly

*PEGUARO- Double! I witnessed this guy first hand in Scottsdale and have been waiting to see him in the line up!

THEN the last guy on the bench comes to bat


You just can’t ask for better baseball than that!


JUST KIDDING! Got your attention though didn’t I?

Barry Zito visits Metallica in the studio on Thursday, March 28, 2013.

Only re-hashing old news because my beloved son SF Giants fan and Metallica fan worked last night during “Metallica night”.

Sure you’ve seen it all in re-plays by now, but just in case…

Metallica on SFG Live

Barry Zito visits Metallica in the studio on Thursday, March 28, 2013. Your mamma loves you!


HEY, we’ve got some HITTERS on our team was there ever any doubt that they would show up?!

Tonight’s SF GIANTS game was the third of a series against the AZ Diamondbacks.

It was everything a Giants fan could hope for.

 Pitching was our beloved TIMMY against AZ’s MCCARTHY Lincecum short hair past

Top of the first ANGEL PAGAN leads off and hits it high, hits it deep, hits it long! It’s…It’s…PAGAN!

I couldn’t have asked for a better start than that.

As always, first blood always tastes so good. Yum

The hitting by the Giants got even better making this game the best so far in this early season.

*Just my opinion.

*Hunter Pence with a double (2nd inning) and a HOMERUN (6th inning)

*Pagan leads off with a double followed by CRAWFORD with a triple (5th inning)

Brandon BELT surprises nobody (8th inning) Noonan on 2nd, Blanco on 1st ,two outs HOMERUN!

Top 1st

Pagan lead off with HR!

Angel is an angel!

Angel is an angel!

Score=1-0 good guys


Pennington HR L

Score=1-3 bad guys


Ho hum


BLANCO double

PAGAN RBI double

2-4 us!



Score=3-4 good guys

bottom 5th


Score=3-5 bad guys



hunter pence 22213

Score=4-5 bad guys



Score=4-5 bad guys



Brandon Belt

Score=7-6 good guy


Pagan on 1st, Crawford walks

PABLO RBI double

baby pablo sept 2012

Score=9-6 good guys

Bottom 9th

SERGIO in to save

Commercial shoots at AT&T Park on Wednesday, February 6, 2013.

1 out


ROMO hurt on play to first?!!! He’s OK!

*Kruk & Kuip “I’ve never seen Bochy move that fast”.

Two guys on base and I’m getting nervous, more from excitement than fear. I can feel the SWEEP.  POLLOCK – Strike out!!


Final Score=9-6 Good guys! Rephrase that “Best guys”





Sunday was a beautiful day in San Diego and I was fortunate enough to be at Petco Park to watch my Giants play baseball.

I really enjoyed myself although I was expecting to beat the Padres, and badly. After all we had lost the first two of the series already and it didn’t seem feasible that we would be swept by the Padres.

Petco Park

I intended this whooping to be handed out politely by my World Champion team-all the while I would be soaking in the beauty of a park filled with gracious Padres fans and fellow SF Giants fans combined.  This Sunday afternoon game was also a much-needed break from the desert life, a life I will never become accustom to no matter how many years I have to endure it.

I felt very welcome at Petco and was fairly certain that after beating us the first two games they certainly wouldn’t mind if we took the last game before moving on.

The three hour drive from Yuma went quickly with no problems. Easy to find parking I breezed in,  just as the gates were opening.

After my previous bad experiences with “away” games (Chase Field Phoenix)I was pleasantly surprised to find absolutely no unsportsmanlike conduct among Padres fans. Quite the contrary they were kind, helpful, hey, they were downright friendly!

Gamer Babe

It isn’t news to most that Petco Park is called the “AT&T OF THE SOUTH” and I was surrounded by fellow Giants fans which to me is heaven. There is no substitute for my bay area home however my time spent in the Padres home was just about the next best thing.

I am very thankful for that.  ??????????????

I was sitting next to two wonderful guys. Adam is a diehard SF Giants fan but has been living in LA for years.  I don’t know how he has managed to live in ‘LaLa’ Land and keep the charming nature of a Nor Cal native but everything about him reminded me of home.

Next to him was his father Alan who has been a fan of the Giants since 1951 and remembers when he found out they were moving the team from NY to SF and how pleased he was with the news.

Adam & Alan

Both Adam and his father had played ball in their younger years and both were pitchers and shared their inside knowledge of what was going on with Vogelsong’s delivery.

Ryan was struggling and gave up three home runs before he left the game but while he was on the mound I found a brand new reason to admire his build.

According to my new friend and favorite “displaced Giants fan”, Adam, Vogelson was not “dropping his butt” on most deliveries causing the ball to be up and out of range. When he “dropped his butt” after the kick he was able to keep the ball down and throw better pitches.

So it turns out that checking out the physical “gifts” of our gorgeous SF Giants players (and I’m not talking about their playing talents) is not only acceptable but necessary.

After all there may come a day (same day hell freezes over I assume) that Bochy decides that perhaps a new blonde perspective may come in handy when dealing with the mechanics of his pitching staff.:)


The game had many exciting moments at first then things started to get a little frustrating. Defensively the Padres hitters shelled my beloved Vogie and offensively snatched away hits in a very un-Padre like manner.hunter pence 22213

I think it was sweet of Bochy to give Scutaro the chance to redeem himself for the error that contributed to a loss in the 12th inning of Saturday’s game. Apparently it was Scutaro’s desire and Bochy agreed.

In my humble opinion I feel it may have made matters worse for Marco. He was 0 for 4 in yesterday’s game and I fear that now he is feeling worse than ever.

Scutaro at plate

As last year’s Most Valuable Player in the NL Championship Series, “he inspires respect” as Bochy put it. I never question the “skipper”

SO,chin up Scutaro you are a struggling SF Giant right now. It’s your turn, soon it will be somebody else and you will make new happier memories.

No big deal we still love you. Even if you sit for a while and give Noonan a chance at some playing time it won’t change what you have accomplished for this team and what you will accomplish in the future.


 Buster doing his best to be the perfect MVPosey that everyone expects him to be, sent one sailing!

 That 2 run homer really pumped us up! We were back in the game trailing 4-6.

Buster has brought his batting average up to a respectable 400 and I expect one by one the rest of the team will come around.Buster Bobblehead

 Buster HR

As a fan that was very pleased to see Andres Torres return to the team I was praying he would do something magical as much for himself as for the rest of us and he tried only to have Denorfia snatch away a hit that would have put us right back in the game.

andres torres scottsdale 22013

happy panda and blanco 22213Pablo is hitting great and in my opinion doing a bang up job playing third even as “fans” make fat jokes which I think are uncalled for and rude.

“Sandoval working to trim down, speed up”

Written by Chris Haft /

I’m not really sure what the heck is going on right now but I have a feeling it is a lesson for us all in “being human”. We are losing to teams that should have been a walk in the park.

Still playing some exciting come from behind games but too many victories have snatched away in the last innings of games that we should have won.

I never even thought about leaving early wanting to soak up as much of my team as I could- but Padres fans must have other pots on the fire.

Not really surprising, as I watched at least one beach ball being tossed around and at one point it seemed someone tried to get a “wave” going.

Thankfully it died out before I had to be in the midst of that dinosaur.

"Moses" Petco's version of AT&T's "Dawg"

Petco’s version of AT&T’s “Dawg”

Before the game started I was exploring Petco impressed by the history of this park and I met up with “Moses”

Moses was reluctant to speak to me at first, most likely thinking I had some sort of screw loose, which is of course a fact.

My talent for being 100% authentic won him over as I told him that he reminded me of a Petco/Padres version of AT&T/SF Giants fan the “DAWG”.  Dawg as you probably know has not missed a game in 30 years and is a super fan who is a permanent fixture in the bleachers at AT&T. Moses told me that he is a personal friend of Tim Flannery our beloved 3rd base coach and very talented musician.  Moses said “When I say ‘bicep’ Flan will look up and acknowledge me but not until I say ‘bicep'”.  Sorry, I don’t have a clue as to what the significance is. Flan? Any help with this?  Moses warmed up to me quickly and was soon inviting me to join him in his section of the park.  I declined politely assuring him I had a pretty good seat myself and made my exit feeling confident that should I find myself at Petco again I will get a 2nd chance. :)

They are decent folk but can’t come close to the enthusiasm of our one of a kind fan base. No animal hats or underwear on their heads. Very reserved crowd not actually able to “make some noise” even when the scoreboard in capital letters demanded that they do.

They sat down a lot more than Giants fans never really seeing anything they felt was worth standing for I presume. Gingerly since I was at another teams home turf my new friends and I stood believing our team would drink in the enthusiasm and deliver the win we just felt was coming.

Giants fans seemed to arrive early and stay until the end which to me just seems natural. I never stopped believing we would win that game. I feel that way with every game we play. Of course this is due to the incredible comebacks I have seen from my team. If we have any at bats left, we have a chance to win. End of story.

I am not a fan of losing ball games but I am also not a fan of giving up. I learned that from years of being a SF Giants fan and it is in my blood.

I think our team will be just fine. I have been preaching that it is way too early in the season to put any stock in the “standings” and I have had that thought confirmed by those who are experts in this sport.

We are having some problems that seem to spread from player to player but when dissected don’t stand up as anything to be really concerned about. I can live with that it’s easy for me I’m not use to my team being in the winner’s circle.

We have a great team, the same team that call themselves World Champions are still right there on the field. No other team has that title or that trophy and that is the focus of my optimism.

Not one player on the team is in “trouble” and any real concern by a fan is just unnecessary.

Bochy will let me know when I should be worried. I am not saying it will be easy and it doesn’t make watching losses any better.

There may be a valuable lesson here that players and fans alike need to take away from this streak of losses.

Our World Champion Giants celebrities of the moment are still just ball players and human beings.

Nobody plays perfectly all the time and shouldn’t be expected to.

Drink it in boys, enjoy the limelight but remember all fame fades. Being a Celebrity and all the people and perks that go along with it will not last forever. Don’t get caught up in it remember what you did to get here and who stood by you while you gained that success.

Yes we think you are wonderful but don’t forget to focus on what it is that makes us feel that way. You are great ball players but more than that unique and amazing individuals. Honest family oriented team players with strong morals and priorities. Those who loved you before you achieved greatness should not be cast aside but cherished.

If you lose that part of yourself what will you do when you are no longer #1?

I understand it must be hard for these young players to see past the trophy’s the rings’ the parades the celebrations perhaps we are just experiencing a wake-up call.

I see the team, I know the players, and these boys are going to struggle because that is what they do best. The struggling is perhaps needed to remind everyone including themselves that they are capable of achieving greatness but may have to live with some failure along the way.

It will, if they allow it to, bring them back together as the team that picked up after each other. Would it be as wonderful if it had come easy? I don’t think so.

Several players have said it and it’s what they need to do now-“play the game they love and have fun! “After all they only win when they are having fun, right?!


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Huddy: 2014 Reincarnation of Billy Swift?


As a member of the Swift Family and a huge fan of Tim Hudson this blog made me smile real big! :)


Originally posted on THE San Francisco Giants Blog:

Tim Hudson: he never had an inning where he threw more than 12 pitches. Padres suck? Or Hudson does not?

Posey: “I catch that many pitches in 4 or 5 innings sometimes…”

It’s only May 1st, but would Hudson win the CY if the season ended today? Since Jesse Chavez would probably get some CY votes in the AL, it’s probably a bad idea to give out Cy Young’s on May 1st….

Between Huddy, Morsey, and Hicksy I’m not sure if Sabean could have hand picked any better 3 free agents for the overall price he got them for.

Now, about the other guys who were already on the team…..

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Opening Day Festivities


Nobody does the photos better so sit back and re-live SF Giants Opening Day!

Originally posted on SF Giants Photos:

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MY COMMENT on Brandon Belt’s Blog Post- “Alarming First Night”


Belt showing love to the fans Feb 2012

Belt showing love to the fans Feb 2012

This is my “comment” on Brandon’s post.  I have a lot to say and fortunately for me this is my blog so I can go on and on and on…

Dear Brandon,

I love that you and Brandon Crawford are doing the Brandon’s blog it is my all time favorite Giants read always enjoyable!  You always mix it up and that keeps it interesting and real. Thank you for that.

I am so proud of the role model you are, not only for the children but for everybody. You are a good person with good values.  Your love and respect for your wife, family and friends is admirable and it shows.  I hold the Giants in high regard and thank you for proving that the players that make up the team I adore ARE better than the rest.

Am I surprised that the way to your heart is through salad dressing?  Absolutely not!

I must admit that I thought the alarm story was leading up to “oops wrong house” but not disappointed.

I am still amused at the image of you in Yoga pants but I think your teammates were having more fun with you attending then you were and I doubt if your busy schedule would allow for regular classes.  Haley may want you to take class with her over the off-season and you don’t want to be too advanced.

I am sorry that some make you feel as though you are just a “baseball machine” that isn’t a mistake I make but I have been a fan for 56 yrs. and I regard the players as people first ballplayer’s second-and I take plenty of flak about it.  I love this team like a mother and I am old enough to do so.

My thoughts get no respect most don’t agree with me when I preach unprofessional things such as “They can’t win if they aren’t having fun”  “There is something bothering him, I can tell by his face”  “Not just anyone can be a Giant the guy has to ‘click’ with the team”  “If you say slump he will hear that and it will get in his head and THEN we have a slump!”  It just so happens that some who know, Alex Pavlovic,  for example, that agree with me and I would show the articles to prove it if anyone cared.  I get a kick out of being the Rodney Dangerfield of MLB.

The San Francisco Giants are my boys.  I raised them from pups. 

You were one of my first posts on my blog due to the attention you paid to the fans in Scottsdale spring of 2012. I had the orange beard shirt on and even though I am not usually an autograph hound I was really hoping to have Wilson sign it. Well, that wasn’t going to happen as I watched Bri Bri run to his car and then burn rubber out of the parking lot and away from his fans.

So…Now he has to be a Dodger which can’t be pleasant-even though I wouldn’t normally wish that on anybody-maybe he should have been nicer.  He can act all he wants to but he’s not happy as a rival of the team that made him…whatever it is he has become.

Belt signs Wilson's face

Belt signs Wilson’s face

You on the other hand you came and heaped love on us adoring fans before you left the stadium lot.

When I told you I wasn’t able to get Brian to sign you said something like, “shame on him” at least that’s the way I remember it. You then signed the shirt right in the middle of what would have been Wilson’s face inspiring the blog “Belt gets in Wilson’s Face” and with that gesture you won my undying loyalty and became my favorite  player.

You signed and posed for pictures for everybody which I am certain took a chunk out of your personal time.  (Thank  Haley for sharing your time.) The only regret I have about that day is that I took pics of you and many other fans with their cameras but failed to get one of my own.  I was so thrilled for the others it took me a while to realized that “Hey, I would like my picture with Brandon Belt too!”  But it was too late you were making your exit and not wanting to take up any more of your time, I didn’t ask.  I will be sitting right by the visitors dugout at Chase 4/2 and 4/3 of the opening series-hint hint. :)


I am used to losing players that I am seriously attached to-after all guys come and go-however for the first time since the team came to San Francisco there were players I simply refused to say “byebye”  to.

I worried that if you and Timmy were “let go” that my unconditional love for my team may be tested.  I’m not totally unreasonable and I usually adjust to whatever decisions are made but this time I just wasn’t feeling flexible.

 Thankfully that did not happen I  breathe and bleed (orange) easily for another season.

I am at Scottsdale Stadium every February watching you & the other guys work out and practice.  This is what I love to do most of all and I wait not so patiently for spring to arrive so that I can spend my birthday with my team.

I don’t need the commercials to show me your humorous side (hands down your gamer babe is the funniest commercial) however you did clear one thing up-thankfully-I thought you were mad at me! 

I was relieved to see you practicing in Scottsdale but my joy was dampened in the glare of the “stink eye” you were giving me.  I tried to relax but was  wracking my brain-“What could I possibly have done to make Belt so mad?  Actually I’m sure there are plenty of things I could have done but now way never, not intentionally. Turns out you weren’t mad at all.  Silly me!

Actually my foremost thought as I watched you this spring was “I swear that boy has grown another  foot!”  I speak of your height and not any extra appendages.  Hmmm?  Nope I would have noticed.

Your appearance doesn’t read “angry” to me it reads concentration and tells me that you take your job very seriously.  Important trait one I admire.

I occasionally take in a pre-season game but I prefer the more intimate crowd and the relaxed demeanor of the practice sessions.  Dealing with the crowds is something I am willing to do only for regular season games.   I watch you more closely than most of the others because as I said, you are my fav also you play 1st base  and I practically have my feet on the bag.

Charlie Culberson spring 2012

Charlie Culberson spring 2012

I don’t think you are a germaphobe.  It is true that we get sick from other’s germs but I hate for Charlies child to get the blame. He too made a very good impression that spring of 2012 and inspired a blog post. I wish he was still with the team. I hate that you have been sick and I hope you are feeling better and continue to be well.  I hope you don’t get paranoid about interacting with the fans, it sets you apart & it is important.

Not all fans are “cray cray” some of us are adults and have respect for your personal time and space.  It would be nice if as a mature lifelong fan I would not be lumped in with the “Prom?” crowd but that is a dream.  After  all my first spring training in 1986 I could walk anywhere, watch everyone, talk to any player.  Willy Mays standing next to me asked me if I would like his autograph, naturally I cherish that day.  I didn’t try to hug him though and  I would never ask you for a hug HOWEVER I am still hoping to get that picture. :)

The Lighter Side Of Sports apologizes due to the length of the previous post there is not room for the re-blogged post from BRANDON BELT’S published on  “BRANDON ON BRANDON”  LOL

Originally posted on Brandon and Brandon:

I thought spring training was just for my baseball stuff. Apparently it’s spring training for my living arrangements, too. When we got into San Francisco Wednesday night, I drove to the house Haylee and I rented in the East Bay. The lady we’re renting from told me how to work the alarm system. I had it all written down.

So I unlocked the door, and I punched in the numbers. And the alarm went off. I punched in the numbers again. The alarm kept blaring. I called the alarm company and was shouting over the alarm.

Then the police showed up. I was telling them I was doing the exact thing the landlord told me. I have an alarm system at my own house, so I know how they work.

It kept ringing and soon 30 minutes had passed. It’s after 10 by this point. I decided just to leave…

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A Bucket by the Bed – Brandon Belt


Brandon Belt with what you need to know. And that’s what’s happening!

Belt 22014

Originally posted on Brandon and Brandon:

I was home sick today with a stomach virus. It came on all of a sudden last night and I’ve been sleeping on and off most of the day. Not fun. But I thought I’d get a post out while I can.

On Monday a lot of reporters asked me about Barry Bonds because I guess he mentioned me by name at his press conference. I haven’t talked to him yet. I just introduced myself at the batting cage. I’m shy by nature so I’m not going to go up to him and start asking questions right away. I listened to him talk to other guys during BP and picked up a few things. Nothing too specific.

But I’ll definitely talk to him. You’re always figuring out some kinks during spring training, so that’s what I’d want to talk to him about. And I’d like to talk to him about how he minimized the down times so you get out of them…

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Family, Then Baseball – Brandon Crawford

Originally posted on Brandon and Brandon:

It’s nothing serious – dehydration from a stomach bug – but Jalynne had to spend last night(Tuesday) in the hospital. She’s less than two weeks from giving birth, so the doctors are being extra cautious. They hooked her up to an IV, and she told me to go home.

​“You have a game tomorrow,’’ she said. “Go home and get a good sleep.’’

“It’s a spring training game,’’ I said.

Even if it were a regular-season game, I’d still stay, especially knowing that Braylyn was in good hands with our close friends. Family comes first, no matter what you do for a living.

I slept on one of those hospital cots next to Jalynne’s bed. They are not the most comfortable things. Even so, I know I slept better being there than going home and worrying about her. This morning, the doctors said she was doing well but they needed to continue the IV drip.

I went to the ballpark, which happens to be right across the street from the hospital, and…

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022214robin rehab

Robin with a birthday surprise!

welcome giants fansTHERE ARE A LOT OF PLACES TO STAY IN SCOTTSDALE however for me I prefer to be in walking distance from the places I intend to spend the majority of my time.




The stadium is where I spend time welcoming baseball back while watching my SF Giants skip, hop, toss, hit and just generally enjoying being back with the team  in the Arizona sunshine.

When I am not at the Stadium I am at Rehab Burger-my second favorite thing about Scottsdale!  This is not just any burger joint or sports bar this the only place you can add to the Spring Training experience that does it justice.  Scottsdale is a beautiful place to watch your San Francisco Giants in the springtime and Rehab Burger is the best way to fill in the moments without baseball.

I discovered this funky friendly one of a kind establishment while walking from Scottsdale Stadium to my hotel last February and found it rounded out my birthday trip in the most fulfilling way.  Rehab Burger is where I eat too much and smile a whole lot while watching sports on several big screens.  Decorated with surf boards and music from Slightly Stoopid playing through the speakers this place feels like home to me. I couldn’t wait to get back this year and was delighted to find the staff that I fell in love with were still here this February.  These are really good peeps who will make you feel special because they want to.  The food that Chef Ken creates is served in large portions each dish makes you want to try another.  The full bar has all of the finest and newest components which is why I prefer to stay within walking distance!

Day one the “Pigs Wings” one of my favorite spicy crispy delights was what I buried my face in but I was back daily to chow on others.  There are many “must have” dishes in the menu naturally the burgers are amazing (you have to try the PBJ or Mac & Cheese Burgers)  however pasta, salads and to die for deserts are there for further therapy and Rehab does them best!

Walking distance from the SF Giants, old town Scottsdale and some fine hotels Rehab Burger is the place to be this spring, next spring and the next and…

Another good place to eat and watch sports is DUKES with amazing sandwiches and an entire room of screens to watch any sport you can imagine.  The 022114 dukes sandstaff is friendly and the food good but it is further from the stadium and lacks that something extra that makes REHAB BURGER hard to leave!

Tim Lincecum


Lincecum short hair pastI am pleased to re blog this pro-Timmy post. It is refreshing but unfortunately rare for a “sports blogger” to write in support of the re-signing of Tim Lincecum. I feel that he is more than just an important part of the San Francisco Giants, he is the heart as Matt Cain is the soul. I hope to see them both finish out their pro ball days on my forever passion, my SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS!

Originally posted on THE San Francisco Giants Blog:

The Giants gave Tim Lincecum 35 million this off season and were derided by many. I wasn’t one of the *deriders*. I happen to think Timmy is going to be very good in ’14/’15. His lost velocity is well documented but you don’t need velocity to pitch well. And he’s on record as saying he’s taking a new approach to pitching now and how  he had been stubborn about trying to re-capture his lost mph’s. Plus, everyone thinks Tim Hudson will be a great mentor for him now that they’re on the same team.

The thing Lincecum needs to figure out is how to stay out of the big inning. His W/L splits are ridiculous.

Last year:

wins: 1.64 ERA, 0.98 WHIP, .155BAA, .505OPS

Losses: 6.53 ERA, 1.68 WHIP, .306 BAA, .844 OPS

If you remembered Lincecum having rough starts to his outings, you aren’t imagining that. In terms of…

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Old Man Scutaro


Chuckles courtesy of Marco Scutaro who remains the “Hardest Player To Strike Out” in MLB!

scutaro by alex pavlovic

Originally posted on SF Giants Photos:

During a recent game Marco Scutaro demonstrated what he will look like as a 90-year-old second baseman.

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Quick Hits for August 27, 2013

Originally posted on SF Giants Photos:

TONIGHT’S GAME…Th e San Francisco Giants visit the Colorado Rockies tonight in the middle game of this three game series… RHP Chad Bettis (0-2, 4.50) is scheduled to face RHP Yusmeiro Petit (0-0, 3.38).

2013, sf giants, photo,

TONIGHT’S STARTER…RHP Yusmeiro Petit is slated to make his 38th career big league start tonight and his second in the last four seasons…he had pitched extremely well at triple-A Fresno this season, allowing three earned runs or fewer in each of his last seven starts, fashioning a 2.30 ERA (12er, 47.0ip) during that span.

Click HERE for today’s complete game notes.

2013, sf giants, photo,

KEEP IT GOING…OF Hunter Pence has started 140-consecutive games, the longest streak in the NL and fourth longest in the Majors.


GREGOR BLANCO… Is 11-for-35 (.314) in his past nine games… Has appeared in 114 games, making 93 starts (57 in center field and 36 in left field).

2013, sf giants, photo, MARCO SCUTARO… His .318 avg. (41-for-129) vs. left -handed pitching ranks as the…

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Giants Extra | Archive for Steve Corkran

Giants-Padres game story, with quotes

giants padres june 19 2013

Giants Extra | Archive for Steve Corkran.


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